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Top 5 Mobile Lens Kits for Filmmaking

Today we will talk about the most sought-after mobile lens kit for filmmaking.  Nowadays, a clip-on lens is a right option for obtaining the best value for your money. Smartphones are becoming the choice both of amateurs and professionals when it comes to filmmaking and vlogging. To keep up with the current trend, distributors are rushing […]

Top Essential Accessories for Mobile Photography

apexel mobile lens

While no longer new, Mobile photography is a hobby that is beginning to pique many people’s interest. With the continued developments in mobile phone cameras, we can all achieve outstanding photographic results.  Because almost everyone has a smartphone today, mobile photography is the easiest photography style for new photographers to jump into. Like any genre, mobile […]

The Ultimate Guide for New Aspiring Mobile Photographers

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As a photographer, you need to make the most of the tools at your disposal. Thanks to mobile phone technology development and their new adds on such as mobile lens kit, the photo quality have gone beyond everyone’s expectation. Today, more and more professional photographers use their smartphones exclusively for work. For newcomers, it has never been […]