Heading to a baseball game? Lots of folks head to the stadium to soak in the lively atmosphere and watch their favorite players. But sometimes, newcomers aren’t quite ready and end up having a bumpy ride because they don’t know the stadium rules. Don’t worry! APEXEL has your back with some handy tips to help you enjoy your day at a MLB baseball game better:

1-Know What You Can Bring

First things first, know what’s allowed and what’s not. It’s a bummer to have to toss stuff because the stadium doesn’t offer storage. Here’s a rundown:

Prohibited items: No aerosol cans, booze, big banners, etc.
Permitted items: Diaper bags (with a kid), sealed drinks, small cameras, etc.

2-Thing to Prepare for a Long Game

Snacks and Toys: Don’t forget to pack snacks, especially if you have little ones. Make sure to bring snacks that match your kids’ tastes to keep them happy. And don’t forget some toys to keep them entertained during the game.

Layers, Blankets, and Sunscreen: Weather at baseball games can be unpredictable, especially early in the season. Make sure to dress in layers and bring blankets to stay warm if it gets chilly. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Scorecard and Pen: If you like keeping track of the game, consider bringing a scorecard and pen to record plays, runs, and other game statistics. It’s a fun way to stay engaged and follow the action on the field.

3-Public Transportation or Driving

Consider Public Transportation: If it’s available in your area, taking public transport can be a great way to avoid traffic and enhance your experience. Just make sure to check the weather first, as rain or extreme temperatures can be tough on the family.

Driving Option: If you decide to drive, do some research on parking beforehand. Some stadiums have their own lots, while others offer street parking nearby. Use a map to plan your route and estimate how far you’ll need to walk, especially if you’re bringing kids. And don’t forget to bring cash for parking fees if they don’t accept cards.

4-What to do when at stadium

Don’t Miss the Pre-game Ceremonies: Make sure to catch the pre-game ceremonies, which usually start with the presentation of the flag followed by the singing of the National Anthem. It’s a tradition to stand, remove your hat, and join in singing, no matter how you sound. Everyone blends in together in the spirit of the moment.

Capture the Moment: If you’re a big baseball fan with seats far from the action, bring a telephoto phone lens to get clear photos of your favorite players. Regular phone cameras might not zoom in well, leaving you with blurry shots. APEXEL’s telephoto lens, with up to 40x zoom, can bring the action closer and capture crisp photos even from a distance. Plus, it comes with a tripod for steady shots, turning your phone into a telescope ready for those memorable moments.

Grab Snacks from Vendors: Keep an eye out for vendors walking by during the game, especially when you’re running low on food. Don’t miss out on any of the action—grab some snacks to keep you fueled up and ready to enjoy the game to the fullest.

That wraps up our guidelines! Wishing you enjoy your day at a MLB baseball game. And if you’re curious about APEXEL phone lenses, go ahead and give one a try. You won’t believe the difference it makes!

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