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Top 5 Mobile Streaming Tips to Grow Your Online Business

Mobile Streaming

Are you a large enterprise, a small company, or an influencer? It matters not, as you are probably thinking about boosting your revenue with online live videos.  Live streaming video is growing at a dizzying pace, and your web marketing strategies will not be able to ignore it forever. Do you need to get professional […]

What to Know About Mobile Filmmaking & Streaming

Short videos are becoming the most popular way of entertainment. Online businesses, influencers, and amateurs, everyone is making videos with different motivations. If you are starting on this path, you should know that you do not need huge resources to create amazing content.  Then, what do you need to begin? Your creativity, your smartphone, and […]

Top Essential Accessories for Mobile Photography

apexel mobile lens

While no longer new, Mobile photography is a hobby that is beginning to pique many people’s interest. With the continued developments in mobile phone cameras, we can all achieve outstanding photographic results.  Because almost everyone has a smartphone today, mobile photography is the easiest photography style for new photographers to jump into. Like any genre, mobile […]

Practical Guide to Vlogging Gear & Live Streaming Essentials


Whether you are driven by necessity or by choosing an online audience, short videos and streaming are the trends now. To get the best virtual interaction with people, you should have the right gear. With the many varieties of items, including mobile phone lenses, filters, tripods, and microphones, knowing just what your video work requires will […]

How to Choose the Right Smartphone Zoom Lens?

Many photography lovers have always been enthusiastic about the lens. For many beginners who want to be eager in the field of photography, they will first think of using mobile phone cameras to explore slowly. However, the camera lens on the mobile phone is generally a prime lens which limits the function that the lens […]

How to Choose the Best Night Vision Binoculars

Ever wish you had super powers? Just like Superman, whose hyper vision allowed him to see miles far in the distance. With modern technology, you do not need to be a superhero. Each one of us can have Superman’s vision and also can see in the dark. All you need is one of Apexel’s Night Vision Binoculars. […]

How to Capture Stunning Macro Photos With Mobile Camera Lens

Today we are going to talk about one of our favorite shooting techniques: Macro photography. What we love about macro photos is the possibility to bring before the eyes a universe that usually escapes our attention. Macro photography focuses on small or microscopic subjects. Flowers and insects are among the favorites for many photographers. However, there are […]

The Ultimate Guide for New Aspiring Mobile Photographers

mobile camera lens

As a photographer, you need to make the most of the tools at your disposal. Thanks to mobile phone technology development and their new adds on such as mobile lens kit, the photo quality have gone beyond everyone’s expectation. Today, more and more professional photographers use their smartphones exclusively for work. For newcomers, it has never been […]

Day-Night Vision Binoculars: Night Vision vs Thermal Imaging

As part of our series of photography guides, we first introduced all the best tricks for taking awesome pictures with a telephoto lens.  This time we will dig deeper into one of the best photography types for telephoto lens lovers: wildlife photography. In particular, we will share all the main differences between night vision and […]

Top 5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Telephoto Lens Shots

As a photographer, your gear wish list is longer than a child’s list of expected presents for Christmas. And yet, it’s time to add telephoto lenses to that list, especially if you want to take amazing shots of faraway objects. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed the first time you hear about a mobile camera telephoto lens. How are […]