The fall migration of migratory birds takes place from September to October each year, and it’s the perfect time to grab your binoculars and go bird watching. Let’s explore some best bird watching destinations on the fall migration map. Here are 4 hot spots for birding.

1. Cape May, New Jersey, USA

Cape May

For more than two centuries, Cape May has been a popular location for bird species and bird watching enthusiasts in the United States. Cape May County has salt marshes, freshwater marshes, wet woods, pine forests, meadows and so on. Due to the wide range of habitats, Cape May has always been a hotspot for migration.

2.Costa Rica

A toucan bird in the rain

Costa Rica is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Costa Rica is home to 12 of the 18 different life zones on the planet, with vastly different climates. The diversity of climate and terrain creates biodiversity, and Costa Rica currently has more than 850 species of birds recognized nowadays. Therefore, Costa Rica is a great place to witness both local and migratory birds.

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3. Barr Lake State Park, Colorado, USA

A flock of birds soars over the sky at Barr Lake State Park

Yes, there are not only buffaloes in Colorado, but also a very diverse range of birds. As a home to more than 370 species of resident and migratory birds, Barr Lake is one of the top bird watching spots in the Colorado state. Whether it’s for sports or birding, binoculars are a great accessory you need! A pair of APEXEL 10X42 Binoculars will not only enable you to see the curve of the ball’s motion on the Colorado Football field, but will also allow you to see the amplitude of a bird’s wing vibration in nature.

The Apexel 10×42A is a unique self-focusing telescope. No need to adjust the focus, making it ideal for observing fast-moving objects. It’s good for watching sports as well as bird watching.

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4. Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar is the narrowest in Europe and is the hottest spot to watch birds migrating between the two continents of Europe and Africa. Every spring (February to May) and autumn (July and October), millions of birds migrate, it’s a miracle of nature. The Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar has a wide variety of habitats. You can have many opportunities to witness huge flocks of birds, particularly for Black Kites, White Storks, and Honey Buzzards.

Migration is one of the most dangerous things in a bird’s life cycle. It is considered one of the greatest natural events. Bird watching is fun, and we need to be more aware of bird protection too.

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