Benefits of Using a Close Focus Monocular Telescope

  A monocular is a sort of telescope — an optical instrument that magnifies distant objects using curved lenses or mirrors, which collects and focuses light or other types of infrared radiation (in the case of digital, night vision, and thermal devices) and generates a picture. Monoculars only have one eyepiece for seeing with one eye. Binoculars are bulkier, heavier, and more expensive, while monoculars are more compact, lighter, and less costly. A close focus monocular is a type of monoculars used to view objects from a short distance with great details. In this article, we will be talking about the benefits of using a close focus monocular telescope.

  Functions of a monocular telescope

  A monocular telescope is preferably used in hiking, camping, or fishing where compactness and low weight are prioritized. A monocular is a tiny, portable gadget used to see and magnify items in the distance. It enables us to appreciate the natural beauty of our surroundings. When explorers, hunters, and military people need to observe faraway things, they utilize this telescopic instrument.

  Benefits of using a close focus monocular telescope

  There are several benefits of using a close focus monocular. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of owning and using a close focus monocular telescope.

  Help people with vision problems

  Where people with normal vision would not have much difficulty, a close focus monocular can help people with visual impairments to be able to see objects at a distance. Many people with limited vision use a monocular to read and write on blackboards, whiteboards, and projection screens, as well as to view artwork in museums.

  Pocket size and lightweight

  As opposed to bigger telescopes such as binoculars, a close focus monocular telescope is quite compact and weighs relatively less, making it perfect for instances where you’d go sightseeing. However, don’t forget you’ll need to pack light. A pocket size monocular can also come quite handy when you are going camping or hiking.


  Due to its lightweight and small size, a close focus monocular is quite portable. Meaning you can easily take it on trips with you or just carry it around in your pocket. Additionally, a monocular is most suitable for instances where the object you’re viewing moves around a lot, such as wildlife observation. The lightweight of the close focus monocular allows you to easily change your view to put the object you’re viewing back on focus.


  Due to its sturdy build and high-quality materials, a close focus monocular telescope is quite durable. A close focus monocular is designed to have shock-absorbent protection, allowing you to safely carry it around with you without any fear of accidentally damaging it.

  Cost Effective

  As a close focus monocular is quite compact and only has one lens instead of binoculars, the cost is significantly low. This makes it appealing for beginners or casual people who want to get into sightseeing activities but don’t want to splurge on expensive binoculars.


  A close focus monocular always gives you a clear picture with minimal optical distortion. Through the adjustable pupil of a close focus monocular, you can closely focus on objects with a maximum distance of 0.3 m while also being able to view objects up to 600m. A close focus monocular can accomplish all of this without a drop in image quality. This makes it a pretty versatile option. Additionally, you can attach a close focus monocular telescope to your phone, allowing the use of a monocular telescope for phone photography.

  Final Thoughts

  To sum it all up, there are several benefits to owning a close focus monocular telescope. A close focus monocular is relatively inexpensive, durable and you can carry it around with you anywhere. It has an adjustable pupil, which makes it versatile for both close viewing and distant viewing. This makes it quite handy for people with vision impairment. Are you interested in owning a close focus monocular? Check out Apexel’s new close focus monocular, which comes with 6X optical magnification and a 50° field of view. Attachments are also included to effortlessly attach it to your phone’s camera, allowing for distant phone photography as well as close, detail focusing photography.

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