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Apexel Smartphone Adapter(APL-F002)

Recently, Apexel launched a universal smartphone adapter (APL-F002), it connects smartphone to any eyepiece from 23mm to 50mm in diameter including telescopes, binoculars, monoculars, microscopes, spotting scopes. Easy switch between portrait and landscape mode.  7 advantages Proprietary design Fully compatible with all the latest smartphones One-piece structure that prevents loosening or disassembling Seconds to install. Precise focus […]

Recruit Internet Celebrity in the World

With the rapid development of enterprise globalization, Apexel is looking for global Internet celebrities, welcome you to join us! Proficient in using social media (Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram), this account has over10,000 followers. Apexel provides the product for free, and influencers provide ads via video. Apexel provides telescope, microscope, macro lens and related optical lens products To learn more, […]

How to buy the best binoculars in 2022?

Binoculars come in many sizes, with thousands of optical components at different price points.  Different binoculars have specific purposes.  If you want to go stargazing with your birding binoculars, that’s different.   Choosing a pair of binoculars can seem very complicated.  Many types, uses, prices, and confusing numbers are involved.  But once you know the […]

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