Apexel Monocular Telescope Review

  A monocular telescope is quite a handy device. It allows for a long-distance viewing experience that fits in your pocket. Today we are here for Apexel’s close focus monocular telescope review. In this monocular telescope review, we will discuss what comes in the package and how well it performs. So read ahead and find out about Apexel’s new device in this monocular telescope review.

  Company Background

  Founded back in 2003, Shenzhen Apexel Technology Co., Ltd. (Apexel) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of optical and photography equipment, including selfie accessories. Apexel primarily focuses on the research, manufacturing, and marketing of digital photographic peripheral equipment. The company integrates technology, industry, and commerce while manufacturing world-class products like binoculars/monoculars, mobile camera lenses, telescope lenses, night vision binoculars cameras, laser rangefinders, and much more.

  At Apexel, everyone is aimed to satisfy the client’s need for a high-quality Camera Phone Lens thanks to their extensive expertise in OEM / ODM and developing Optical Components. Furthermore, a top-notch design and manufacturing team, as well as stringent quality control methods, ensure a product that exceeds your expectations.

  Close focus Monocular Telescope Review

  What is included in the box?

  We will start the monocular telescope review by talking about what comes in the box. You will find the monocular itself with a detachable lid to protect your lens after use in the box. The pocket-size monocular has a clean finish, and by the touch of it, you can tell that it’s made of high-quality materials. Some other things that you will find in the box include:

  •   A wrist strap you can attach to the monocular to carry it around easily
  •   A small microfiber cloth to regularly clean the lens
  •   An attachable clip that you can use on your phone so you can use the Apexel monocular telescope for phone photography
  •   Small black foam case with a blue outline to store your monocular and the associated accessories.
  •   A manual that explains how to take care of your monocular and how to operate it

  Product Performance

  In the next part of the monocular telescope review, we will discuss how well the product performs in real-life situations. The attachable clip was easy to install on our iPhone as well as our Androids. We began by testing the 0.3 m close-range focusing. We went to the garden and focused it on a flower. We found that the Apexel monocular telescope gives a very high-definition image output without sacrificing details. We also found that the field of view was wide enough to capture a sufficient amount of details.

  After that, we decided to capture something more distant and took photos of a security camera across the street. Before taking the photos, we had to adjust the lens to 5x to close up on the security camera. The process to adjust the lens was quite simple, and the monocular had a sturdy feel to it. The results from the 5x photo session were very clear. It felt as we were observing the camera from up close.

  In the last session of photos for the monocular telescope review, we decided to go to the park and capture photos of distant buildings. The distance between us and the buildings was about 600 meters, but the results were just as clear as they were in the 5x photos.

  Other Users’ Reviews

  Various people have shared their experience of using this product and provided a monocular telescope review. Amiri Mcfarland, an influencer, said, “I used to carry all my bulky, heavy camera gear on trips. I was afraid to leave them in my hotel room because they might get stolen. Now I take the Apexel Monocular with me, and I carry everything in my pocket!”. An engineering student, Jack French, reviewed that “I’m an engineering student. I know about the high-tech CAD/CAM equipment that the Apexel Monocular lens is made on. I can tell you that this monocular’s precision and sharpness are as good as or better than any lens made. And that includes German optics like Zeiss.”

  In Conclusion

  In the first part of the monocular telescope review, we talked about what was included in the Apexel close focus monocular telescope box. In the next part of the monocular telescope review, we tested the performance of the monocular telescope. The Apexel close focus monocular is perfect for various applications such as hiking, hunting, traveling, and wildlife observation. Its small weight of 129g makes it highly portable, and its shock-absorbent protection makes it very durable for rugged uses. It is truly an excellent addition to your trips.

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