7 Top Mobile Photography Hacks

  How would you like to take amazing photos? You probably think you need expensive photographic equipment. Well, you can obtain stunning results just by using your smartphone.

  We have conveniently summarized for you some of the top mobile photography hacks. By following these simple instructions, you can save time and become a better photographer immediately.

  Fasten your seat belt, and let’s jump right in!

  Mobile Photography Hacks: What Should We Consider

  1. Clean your lens before taking the photos

  Your mobile phone spends a long time in your hands, pockets, or tables. Therefore, the camera’s lens can get covered by dirt, dust, and fingerprints. A dirty camera lens will produce blur and low-quality photos. Cleaning the lens is the first step of taking a good picture. A soft cloth or even your t-shirt can be an excellent choice to wipe the lens.

  2. Set the camera’s focus to ensure sharp subjects

  Even if your lens is clean enough, the subjects in the picture could be blurry. That is because the camera’s autofocus does not always focus on the exact subjects. Remember, autofocus can be either our enemy orally. As a result, we need to tap the screen to sharpen the view manually.

  3. Subject focusing

  For each subject in the photos, we need to spend extra time to set up the shot. Some photographers say that the subjects shouldn’t fill the entire frame and be surrounded by negative space. Negative space means the area around and between the subject of an image. Use negative space wisely will bring unexpected supervise to your selfie. When there are many empty spaces in your photo, subjects around you will stand out more and evoke a strong reaction from your viewers.

  4. Different Perspective

  Taking photos from a unique and unexpected angle can make the photos look better and give the audiences a unique impression. Would the scenes will look more interesting if we shoot from a lower angle? What about shooting from a close point? The options available to us are limitless.

  Low Angle

  Shooting from a low perspective is excellent for making foreground subjects stand out in the picture. Crouching down to be the same level as a child or pet, you will get an unexpected viewpoint. When you low your lens to your cat’s level, you are instantly transported to their world, with tall doors, a high-up picture frame, and enormous trees.

  Get in Close

  It is sometimes complicated for mobile phones to focus on close-up subjects. Try to reach out in front of the device and hold your hand parallel to the more delicate subject. Then double-check composition and manually lock focus. In this way, you will have a sharp image and crop in later to increase its apparent size.

  5. Use Leading Lines

  Another interesting mobile photography hacks are related to image lines. Some photos can attract and lead viewers’ eyes toward a specific part of the frame through the leading line. Leading lines guide us from the foreground to the background of the scene. It could be a straight line such as a path, road, river, or railway. Leading lines are great for creating a sense of depth in a picture, making it look well designed.

  6. Symmetry Design

  Symmetry is a vague sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance. Asymmetry pictures can be significantly pleasing to the eye. In addition, it is one of the simplest and most compelling ways to compose a photo. In mobile photography, symmetry usually divides the image into two equal parts that can mirror each other.

  7. The Flash

  If you want to use flash to improve your photo, only do so during the day. The dark shots would reveal a much sharper contrast against your picture’s flash, which results in making any flash look unbalanced, uneven, and intrusive. However, using flash under an appropriate light space can moderate some dark shadows behind or beneath your main subject.

  Before framing your following photos, look on the ground for any dark shadows that want to be removed, and then flip on your flashlight manually. Most people set the flash mode as “auto,” but this has no guarantee of capturing all the shadows you want to remove.

  8. Consider buying a mobile camera lens

  Although it is easy to take a photo with mobile phones nowadays, the quality of the image is limited by the phone standard lenses. A mobile camera lens kit provides you with different types of lenses to enhance your smartphone. You will be able to take any shots at an affordable price.

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