Father’s Day is approaching rapidly, and if you’re gearing up to plan outdoor phone photography adventures with your dad, look no further than APEXEL. We made a guidebook specially for this valuable moment. It introduces photography gears that’ll help make your Father’s Day weekend journey unforgettable.

Here are some categories of photography equipment and accessories you’ll need when exploring nature.

best ideas father's day photography gear essentials

Mobile Photography Lenses

These lenses can be installed onto your father’s cellphone, enhancing its photo capabilities to shoot macro, micro, telephoto, and wide-angle photos.

Macro lens: capture close-up details of small subjects, perfect for observing insects, flowers.

Wide-angle lens: with a wider field of view than a regular lens, ideal for capturing expansive landscapes and group photos.

Telescope lens: with ultra zoom-in capability to capture distant birds and wildlife, perfect for birdwatching and visiting natural parks.

Microscope lens: with ultra magnification for small objects, it reveals details not visible to the naked eye, suitable for observing leaves and tree bark.

Lightweight Tripods: sturdy support for your camera or smartphone, ensuring clear and stable photos amidst rugged outdoor terrain.

Microporous Towels: dry phone lenses and cell phone lenses.

Blower: clean lenses.

best ideas father's day photography gear essentials

Next, let’s go further into specific outdoor adventure and introduce some APEXEL products that can enhance your experience.

best ideas father's day photography gear essentials

Summer Hiking

Summer hiking on a sunny day is a sensory delight, with vibrant colors and warm temperatures. Take a moment to admire the leaves’ and treebarks textures and patterns with the APEXEL PhoneMicro 5, capturing even the tiniest details like microscope does. Spotting bees around flowers? The APEXEL HB 100mm macro phone lens captures clear close-ups of their bodies and wings. Don’t forget the stunning landscapes—use the APEXEL 110° wide-angle lens for group photos against the scenic backdrop. With Apexel, your summer hike is filled with unforgettable moments and beautiful captures.

Bird Watching

Watching birds is for sure a great idea. Traditional binoculars often lack the zoom capabilities and wide field of view needed for close-up bird observation. APEXEL BR 12×50 binoculars change the game with their impressive 12x magnification and 50mm aperture, bringing birds, butterflies, and dragonflies up close and personal and allowing dads to immerse into the observation. And if fathers want to snap bird photos, then APEXEL phone adapter can connect his cellphone to the binoculars, regardless of the phone model.


Set up an evening under the stars and talk about constellations and planets. What a perfect time to strengthen the bond with your father. If you have a telescope, then enhance your experience with the APEXEL 3-axis telescope phone adapter. It can connect your smartphone to the telescope, allowing you and your father to view the night sky together on the phone screen without switching back and forth. Capture stunning photos of celestial bodies, creating lasting mementos of this magical experience.

Wildlife Observation

Wildlife is nature’s masterpiece.  While it brings moments of wonder and joy, some creatures can be fierce and dangerous, making it challenging to approach for photos. In this case, APEXEL 60x telephoto phone lens can offer 60x ultra zoom capabilities. Fathers can capture stunning shots of wildlife like grizzly bears from a safe distance without disturbing them. This also applies to bird photography—when a bird visits your backyard, dad can easily capture them from the comfort of a room window without needing to rush outside

best ideas father's day photography gear essentials

This Father’s Day, choose Apexel products to embark on a journey of discovery, capturing the essence of nature and preserving cherished memories. Whether it’s bird watching, hiking, stargazing, or wildlife observation, our range of equipment promises an unforgettable Father’s Day weekend.

Don’t miss out on our Father’s Day deals – select a special gift for your dad and embark on an adventure filled with warmth and joy. Let’s embrace the magic of outdoor photography expeditions, adding an extra layer of meaning to this special occasion!

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