Breakthrough design

PhoneMicro 5
Ultra Microscope

100X, 150X, 200X Magnification. Precision Quick-mount System. Compatible with All Phone Models. Up to 5.5 Hours Battery Life. 12 LED Lights. 1 Year Warranty.

Breaking the regular again

Smartphone adapter exclusive to Apexel has undergone a thorough upgrade, featuring more thoughtful designs and functionalities.

BR001 12X50 Birdwatching Binoculars

NOW AVAILABLE - Dynamic fast focus, IPX7 Waterproof and Fogproof, instant sharing

How to choose binoculars for outdoor adventure

Help you choose the best outdoor tools for you with our comprehensive outdoor adventure guide

Optics for All Outdoor Scenarios

Whether you enjoy outdoor adventures, wildlife spotting, or bird watching. Apexel can provide you with the optical observation equipment you need, thinking about what you think.

Unleash the Power for Everyday Adventures


No matter when and where, through Apexel to observe the experience sharing of pioneers in nature.

Natural Observation Knowledge