Apexel Mobile Lens Kit

4K Universal Mobile Phone Camera Lens

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28x Super Zoom Telephoto Lens for Mobile Phone

The job of a telescope is to gather light and bring that light to the eyepiece or camera. The larger the telescope’s aperture, the lighter the telescope can gather making the image brighter, sharper, and able to produce more detail.

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The APEXEL Macro Lens works less than an inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things that our phones were never before capable of seeing. With low distortion and the sharpest glass imaginable, the 100mm Macro Lens is perfect for capturing the tiny details that your phone will never be able to focus on.

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Company Profile

Shenzhen Apexel Technology is aiming at the broad development space in the field of mobile photography and short video shooting,and launches the development strategy of”becoming a new force in the era of intelligent photography”.dedicated to provide “easy to use,more portable,more professional,smarter”auxiliary photographic equipments to the majority of photographers.Apexel Technology has a strong R & D design team,has a wealth of experience in the design and production of optical components.developed a series of high-quality mobile phone add-on lens,mobile phone shooting bracket,intelligent fill light and other products,has a number of invention patents,Innovation and appearance patents,and won the 2019 CES Innovation Award…


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